IOTZA SmartCam is a NOT a video camera but rather a true IOT Camera that is triggered by events that you want to know about.   Example: Movement, Door Open Close, Smoke, Temperature/Vibration Increase, … anything that you can measure can activate the camera so you can see what’s going on and react to it.

A typical video camera system gives you, recording, maybe smartphone link, IP is mainstream…well that’s it

IOTZA SmartCam offers:

  • Taking pictures and send to your Smart Phone real-time, also store pics in our databases for viewing and analysis later as required. It can be linked to twitter and it sends photos to everyone in the tweet group such as your security company, your family, friends, colleagues.
  • SmartCam does image processing to find very fine movement which can be bypassed in traditional PIR systems.
  • Specifications: 50m range, clear pictures, 8 or 5 MP, day/night, also FLIR thermal cameras if required.
  • Multiple Camera feeds on one dashboard.
  • Built-in day-night switch, that can switch lights on and off.
  • SmartCam is standard a powerful day/night camera, add an IR Illuminator, and you can see any movement in camera view in pitch darkness. Without anybody knowing pictures are taken and send to your phone!!
  • Built-in relay, which you can control doors and lights etc.  Example Entrance gate and garage door etc your phone..
  • Battery backup, Criminals put electricity supply off, SmartCam stays on! Keep taking/sending pictures.
  • SmartCam is standard WIFI camera. Out of the box.
  • SmartCam runs of 9v, so you could have it on battery and an affordable solar panel installation!!

Put the power in your hands, take it out of criminals hands, be safe, know real-time with pictures, day or night, what awaits you and your family, at business or home!

Contact us and get a IOTZA SmartCam today.

EXAMPLE:  A high value store room must stay locked after 5.30pm until 5.30am.  The camera will be mounted inside the store room and scheduled for detecting motion during these hours.  If the door is opened, after a delay or detection by an IR sensor further in the room, a relay can activate a hydrolic arm to pull the door closed and maglock it with the person locked inside.  An IR light will illuminate the room and photographs will be clear even though it is dark. Photos will be stored in the database and also shown on selected smartphones, the photos will also be tweeted to authorized groups and finally an alarm can be triggered.

EXAMPLE: An alcohol level detector can be attached to the camera system.  When a person blows into the sensor, a photograph is taken and the reading with the photograph is stored in the database together with the sensor reading. A door or gate can be released if the reading is within an acceptable range.