We have built the modular units to customize solutions according to the needs and budget of companies wanting to progress along the route to IOT. a wide spectrum of solutions exist in areas of agriculture, building management, estates, factories, mines, among others.


  1. A wide variety of sensors. Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Motion, Soil moisture, Liquid levels, Light, Movement, Open/Close, Gas, Alcohol, Water present, Gyro and Acceleration, Electricity and Water Management systems and more.
  2. Automated switches to switch pumps, lights, aircons, machines and more.
  3. Manual relays to control things from your phone or NOC such as gates, ovens, doors, machines, air control, water quality, many other sensors can be added or custom built.
  4. Real-time local and enterprise reporting on your phone, dashboards, video walls etc
  5. Action / Reaction Integration via our Help Desk which does automated action request from sensors to technician phones
  6. Provides 24x7 Monitoring and Action, Data-logging, Scheduled and Adhoc maintenance, Analytics & Reporting, Automation

Automated Technician Despatch

When an alert is sent from the sensor, the automated help desk software will create a work ticket and send the right technician or security person to the site and do whatever is required by the situation.  This is the way that IOTZA also ensures that our systems are working.

EXAMPLE:  If our water sensors detect a sudden drop in water pressure it probably means that a pipe has burst.  All our sensors are preregistered in our control system and a work ticket is created for that incident with a work instruction sent to the phone of the maintenance crew team leader.

Details of the GPS position, pipe sizes, types, closest valves etc.  History of work done there before etc are sent to the work instruction on the phone.  When on site photos are recorded and details of the work done are recorded on site which relays back to the central database and control room.  When the work is completed the system allows for inspection, acceptance and sign off.

In commercial situations, the system checks for in warranty or out of warranty status and prepares a quote which must accepted before the work team leaves.  At the end of the work done, the customer can sign off and activate payment.