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IOTZA Company and Solutions Overview

IOTZA (PTY) LTD is based in Sandton with an Office/Factory in Pretoria. We are active in the major cities of  South Africa.  We design and manufacture IOT products and provide customized IOT solutions and services to a spectrum of businesses.

IOTZA: MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA, QUALITY, SANAS CALIBRATED IOT                                                              

We offer the following solutions (more being developed)

Electricity Management System which does consumption analysis and control as well as parallel billing to challenge utility bill accuracy.  Our systems are able to control peak demand.

Water Management System which does consumption analysis and control with automated water & pressure control and leak detection. Our systems are able to trickle feed whole sections of the grid per schedule or adhoc as required.

Intelligent Smart Cameras for Security, High Value Protection, Productivity, Time & Attendance

Fuel and Water Tank Management in trucks, tankers, bowsers, generators, reservoirs

Asset Management with continuous monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Systems

Industrial wearables for safety and productivity monitoring

Household automated smart electricity and water systems and other sensor clusters

Cold chain Systems for food and medical transport systems

SANAS calibration to ensure accuracy of all our systems. It also enables parallel billing and legal challenges to Eskom and Municipalities

Automated Billing of usage and parallel billing including time and attendance using our camera for presence verification

Automated response technical and security reaction to alerts from our IOT Systems (best suited technician sent to fix or replace)

Customized Data Analytics shown as Dashboards, Video Walls with Reports to Assist with Executive Information Systems and Business Operations Management

We build our own systems to provide modular, well priced, customizable solutions. Our systems produce tangible results such as:

Utility Cost Savings,

Increased Productivity,

Enhanced Efficiency,

Reduction in Loss and Shrinkage,

Better Staff and Asset Safety

Enhanced Visibility

Improved Business Management

Deeper Insights for Strategic Management

Our solutions are all built in the following framework

Asset Management System: All items are registered. Warranty control and SLA management.

Billing System: for “IOT as a service” as well Utility Billing and also Time & Attendance System

IOT Technology: Sensors/Sensor Clusters, Gateways, Communication, Data Storage

Reaction System: Alert and Error/Failure automated technician/security call out system.

Information System: Smart Devices, Dashboards, Video Walls,




We offer six formal courses covering the Internet of Things (IOT) including and introduction to Robotics and Solar power Courses are conducted in Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN.  We will conduct course in any area if there are 10 or more students

EXECUTIVE INTRODUCTION to IOT: This is 1-2 hour session including some preparatory analysis before the session to be relevant to the audience.  These sessions are generally for one company at a time for strategic input.

BASIC IOT 101 – 106 (Computer Literacy is a pre-requisite)

INTERMEDIATE IOT 201 – 206 This course includes a solar project (BASIC IOT Course or equivalent knowledge is a pre-requisite)

ADVANCED IOT 301 – 306 Includes a robotics project (Completion of BASIC and INTERMEDIATE or equivalent are pre-requisites)

IOT for Factory Assemblers and QA

IOT for IOT Installers and Maintenance


The field of IOT is quite new and there are currently no norms or standards of recognition of training as yet.  Our courses are written and conducted along SAQA guidelines and are being evaluated for NQF ratings.


We do IOT concept training for customers and practical training relating to our solution.  We then do structured training for customers to do provide a first level of support.  This enables situations and problems to be resolved quickly and keeps costs down.

  • RnD New Products, Methods, Trends 100%
  • Customer Consulting 100%
  • Product Design 100%
  • Manufacture 100%
  • Install – Manage – Control 100%
  • Analysis & Consulting 100%

Electricity Management System


This Electricity Management System was conceptualized by IOTZA and the meter designed and manufactured  by our South African electronics engineering partner LEADING ELECTRONICS SUPPLIERS.

It is a 3 phase system based on world leading microchipsets and utilises Rogowski technology to monitor consumption every 30 seconds and reads real-time voltage directly from source.  In this way we get the most accurate Amp, Volt, kWh, kVarh, Peak demand, Phase readings and can measure as many as 30 other elements of the electrical supply.

The IOTZA EMS is suitable for environments ranging from 200A to 10,000A and 220V to 1000V and we can accommodate requests outside of these ranges.


Solution Focus: Electricity Management System

Calibration and Billing

Each EMS system is individually SANAS calibrated by REPCAL to ensure accuracy.  Each system is linked to a billing system by VARIBILL (another South African technology partner) which creates a parallel invoice to the one received from ESKOM or Municipality.

The calibration combined with real-time readings enables our customers to challenge their electricity bills.


Dashboards and Analytics

Analytics and Dashboards

Our system is designed for the  enterprise where local system readings can be seen on smartphones and local dashboards whereas the overall enterprise picture can be seen on video walls

Our systems are able to give realtime views of consumption per machine or subsection/division of the business and costs can be shown in real-time rands

Consumption monitoring can be linked to operations and more refined costs per process can be obtained

Consumption targets can be set and “wastage” controlled more effectively

Sub-Metering and Control

Sub Metering in Factories, Estates, Mines, Campus, Multi-Geography Enterprise …

Further value of such a system is realized when the environment is sub-metered and our billing system produces sub-billing for each segment or division.  This enables deeper monitoring and accountability.


Our system has relays that can be triggered ON/OFF by schedule or on demand via smartphone. This enables control to stay below peak demand thresholds and generally control electricity consumption

More Sensors

Our systems allow for more sensors in the area of the sub-meter. Sensors such as Lux, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, IR Movement etc are valuable in effective factory management in areas of health and safety and maintenance

Bulk Water Consumption Monitoring

This monitoring system originates with the CSIR and we are co-developing some aspects and supplying a commercial  version The system can be fitted to existing bulk meters or can be supplied with bulk meters.  It does continuous monitoring and all this data is stored in our analytics database.

From there we do billing of water, leak detection analysis, water wastage analysis, additional customer required analysis.

Solution Focus: Water Management System

Click here for sample dashboard:

Water Sensor(s)

The system (as supplied) has one connection to a sensor. It can be flow or pressure.  This is also measured continuously (every minute or 5 or 10 etc depending on the requirement.  The readings are stored and also analysed.

Alerts can be sent to trigger a response.  Example a sudden drop in pressure could indicate a burst pipe and our system can automatically initiate a work order and a team to investigate/repair.

Reduce Feed

The system can control a valve in the pipe remotely on an adhoc basis or by schedule.  Factors like scarce supply or non payment can be the trigger to close water valve to a trickle feed.

Other factors can be to reduce leakage during night hours and as the customer requires.

Other Sensors

Other sensors can be added to monitor quality of water such as oxygen in water, pH, and others as may be required.

More Features

CSIR Features

  1. LORA Communication – Default
  2. Pulse Reader
  3. Sensor Reader(s) – eg Pressure / Flow / Other
  4. Actuator – eg Open / Close Valve
  5. GIS overlays
  6. Simple Database

IOTZA Additional Features

  1. Additional Communication and MQTT
  2. Analytics Databases
  3. Enterprise Dashboards and Video Walls
  4. Automated Billing
  5. Additional Sensors
  6. Action/Reaction – Trained Technicians
  7. Factory – Assembly/QA/Calibration/Distribution
  8. Commercialization with Partners

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