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Frequently Asked Questions

What Courses are Offered?

IOTZA ACADEMY offers six courses covering the Internet of Things (IOT) including an introduction to Robotics and Solar power

A. Introduction to IOT for Executives.  This is a 2-3 hour session where we do some preparatory analysis before the session to be relevant to the audience.  This is usually for executives of the same company so that specific strategic and confidential conversations can be held to start building an IOT strategy for the company.

B. BASIC IOT 101 – 106 (Computer Literacy is a pre-requisite)

C. INTERMEDIATE IOT 201 – 206 (Completion of Courses A or equivalent knowledge is a pre-requisite)

D. ADVANCED IOT 301 – 306 (Completion of Courses A and B or equivalent are pre-requisites)

E. IOT for Factory Assemblers and QA

F. IOT for IOT Installers and Maintenance

Why would you want to do these courses?


The growth of IOT, Robotics, Virtual Reality, and the quest for Solar and Other energy source, is rapid and will continue for many years to come. These courses teach the fundamentals of technology from the smallest elements to the more complex systems that are the building blocks of these technologies.

The courses are offered to anyone 12 to 80+.  Every young and older person who does our courses gets knowledge of these as a fascinating hobby and which can lead to both business and career opportunities for themselves now and into the future.


This is a fascinating fun adventure into experiencing and exploring a whole new world of discovery and invention. The method of teaching is by videos, short explanations, group interaction, and practical projects and examples which enable any student to understand the basic concepts and build their own projects.

Students must bring their own WIFI capable computers. We will provide connectivity to the internet.

This course is suitable for anyone from Grade 7 to Adult. We especially encourage girls and women to take these courses.
Minimum size of a class is 8 in 2 groups of 4 and maximum size of class is 16 in 4 groups of 4 students (an additional assistant is in a class of more than 8 students)

The only basic skills required for the Basic 101 course are: ability to operate a computer in the simple function of creating and saving a document and being able to connect to and browse the internet.

The modules of this course are prepared and conducted from the assumption that the student does not have any background or knowledge of electricity, electronics or Internet of things (IOT).

The basic course is safe as it does not involve any dangerous voltages and currents and is recommended for anyone.


This course is rated as easy to medium complexity and topics are presented with videos, short lectures and “do it yourself” practical activities and projects. Each student receives their own set of an electronic board, sensors, connectors, lights, relays, battery, and an Arduino UNO, together with on-line manual and tutorials, quizzes, and feedback forum.


Are courses accredited?

The field of IOT is quite new and there are currently no norms or standards of recognition of training as yet. IOTZA ACADEMY is in the forefront of this. Our courses are written and conducted along the SAQA guidelines and are being evaluated for NQF rating

We confer certificates of competence based on testing students for understanding of concepts and on evaluation of their working projects. Additional projects are given for consolidation of training at home.

We will confer SETA accredited certificates in due course in 2018 and update those who have already done our courses before this date.

What is included in the course?

The course fee includes all the equipment needed to do the course for you to take home. Also included are project step by step guides and relevant videos.  The student is given many more projects to be done at home as well as links to online stores that sell components that may be needed in the future.

You must bring your own laptop or desktop.  Note that a smartphone or tablet is not acceptable and will not work.

Where are the courses offered?


Courses are offered in the main cities of Johannesburg, Pretoria/Centurion, Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Durban

We will conduct a course in any area for any group of 10 or more (with assistants in the class for groups larger than 8)

Because of the wide interest in our courses from various parts of South Africa, we have a policy of conducting courses close to where our students are.

For this reason, we hire locations from schools, churches, hotels, golf courses etc. We also conduct executive courses/consulting at business office locations

Our courses E and F above are conducted at the factory in Pretoria.


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